Switching to Voice over Cloud™ technology is easy and can transform your business from using static phone lines or legacy phone systems to an NBN ready cloud platform with mobile, PC and remote handset support in just one working day.

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With over 30+ easy to use features developed by Voice over Cloud™
gives your business the confidence needed that everything and more to run your business in the cloud we have you covered.

*Simply pay $99.90 per handset and receive 30 DAYS FREE on our Advanced Plan with one Unlimited call pack included. After the 30 Days, your total min monthly charge will be $99.90 per month if you choose to keep the Unlimited call pack or $69.90 per month if you would like to remove the Unlimited call pack the choice is yours.

Features you ask? We have you covered!

With over 30+ easy to use features developed by Voice over Cloud™ gives your business the confidence needed that everything and more to run your business in the cloud we have you covered.

Voicemail to email

Stay on top of business when you can’t talk by having voicemails emailed to your inbox as an audio file.

Time Conditions

A phone system that understands your business hours and working days by sending calls to the right place at the right time.

Interactive customer portal

From here you also get real-time view of your business communications with an easy to use portal allowing you to do what's important to you.

Conference rooms

Real-Time Collaboration - 3-way calling, conference rooms with passwords and collaboration on the go using smartphones and tablets.

Music on hold

Promote your business by playing a customised message when customers are on hold or play your own music tunes.

Interactive Voice Menu

Enhanced customer experience by ensuring client calls are being directed to the right person the first time with interactive menus and announcements.

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Android & iOS App

Stay connected with the office with the FREE VOCPhone Android and iOS App. Transfer, make and receive office calls without showing your personal mobile phone number.

Additional Features

We've got a lot of cool features.

Your own 1300

Is it time for your business to go national with your very own 1300, 13 or 1800 number.

call recording

Allowing you to verify details of orders and conversations and helping you monitor customer service quality and implementing appropriate training programs (Available for Government & Enterprise Plans)

Number Porting

Porting your existing Telstra or Optus number or ordering a new phone number is now hassle free with our port wizard and only $3.90 per month.

call encryption

Your call is safe with us. We use best practices and protocols for End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) (Available for Government & Enterprise Plans)

Premium Support

We understand the value of support and our Australian techs are ready to answer any questions you have for as little as $450 per year.

Advanced API's

Enabling your systems and processes to talk directly to ours. (Available for Government & Enterprise Plans)


With over 30+ FREE and easy to use features developed by VOCPhone gives your business the confidence needed to upgrade today.
Did you know Voice over cloud keeps you connected with your customers even if your office internet or phone lines are offline! And by using our FREE Android and iOS App your team can work from home, the office or on the road!
Did you know You dedicated account manager will make sure you are up and running in one business day and our platform supports business from 1 to 1000+ staff and because we understand calling technicians is expensive and time consuming that’s why we have built a self-managed customer portal allowing you to manage your business online anytime from your PC or phone.

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Voicemail to email
Music on hold
Time conditions
Conference rooms
Interactive voice
Busy Lamp Field
Call Recording

 International Calling Rates
 Interactive customer portal
 Text to speech
 1300 Inbound Numbers
 Call reporting
 Smart call transfer
 +30 phone and system features

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